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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  August 23, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> axelrod: tonight, facing a dead. president obama wraps up a vacation. major garrett and juliana goldman on the evolving story. an entire high rise blown up in gaza. israel takes out an apartment building that may have also housed a mosque. from ferguson to new york city, thousands protest deadly police confrontations. a long-running hollywood battle takes to the sky. why the stars now fear drones. nenew york's newest tourists, whales have a growing appetite for the big apple.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" >> axelrod: good evening. i'm jim axelrod. tonight is the last night of. barack obama's summer vacation and tomorrow when we returns to the white house he'll be dealing with a threat his defense secretary says is, "beyond anything we've seen," a threat that's been on vivid display while the president has been away. the threat chuck hagels referring to is the islamic state in iraq and syria, isis. in the two weeks since mr. obama started his vacation, u.s. drones and fighter jets have conducted at least 94 air strikes in northern iraq. and this week, of course, isis claimed responsibility for the beheading of american photo journalist james foley and promised that other westerners they're holding captive are next. we have two reports tonight beginning with major garrett who is with the president in martha's vineyard. major, let's talk strategy. the president has both a war-weary public and reluctant congress to deal with. how that will shape his
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approach. >> reporter: well, the president knows this won't be easy, jim. the white house strategy now is to first contain and then destroy isis. that itself is a big shift. the president said monday his goal was merely to contain isis. the republicans accused the president of underestimating this threat all along and that could complicate the white house push for funding and legalization if the president decides to move the air war into syria. congress has gone along with the air war in iraq so far because u.s. personnel, military, and diplomatic, are in peril. in syria, the case isn't nearly so clear cut. >> axelrod: the president faced a lot of criticism this week for staying on vacation in the middle of all of this. what are you hearing to his reaction about all this vacation-based disapproval? >> reporter: well, the president says he needs to relaxed and has remained focus on all of these global hot spots as well as the nation's issues. now, the president will return to washington facing not only isis threat but the harsh reality of the first act of isis terrorism in the videotaped beheading of james foley.
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the white house is now bracing, jim, for what it concedes will be a long-running military and propaganda campaign against isis. >> axelrod: major garrett with the president in martha's vineyard. major, thank you. with all the discussion about the president's vacation schedule, we check with cbs whose correspondent mark knoller to see how mr. obama stacked up when it comes to vacation time. at 138 days his total is less than the vacation taken by presidents clt, reagan, and george w. bush at their points in his presidency. mark's record keeping is so meticulous, the white house sometimes comes to him for information. while the threat from isis is commanding attention, the people of iraq are living with it inside their borders. u.s. hopes rest with a man not even in control of the country yet, and today, new, deadly violence. here's juliana goldman. >> reporter: explosions rocked the northern iraqi city of kirkuk today, killing more than 30 people and injuring dozens.
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the bombing appears to be targeting kurdish forces which have been struggling to contain isis and prevent militants from taking more territory. thousands of kurdish fighters fs are deployed in the north but they're still no matched for the well-armed and well-financed isis. >> we need weapons to make the battle equal. >> reporter: even as the u.s. considers expanding the military operation against isis in iraq and into syria, the air strikes against the terrorist group have not addressed iraq's larger problem-- escalating sectarian violence. on saturday, other bombings across iraq killed nearly a dozen people, apparent revenge for a deadly assault on a sunni mosque friday's. as a result, two influential sunni politicians pulled out of talks with the main shiite alliance, making it even more difficult for iraq's new prime minister to form a unified government. u.s. officials have long maintained that it will be impossible to defeat isis
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without a strong central government in iraq and are working to enlist regional allies in that effort. deputy national securities secuy security adviser called on them to pull together. it has to be a team effort. >> ultimately, they are the ones who are going to have to work to evict isil from their communities and, again, their efforts to form an inclusive government in iraq i think will go a long way towards enlisting the support of those communities. >> reporter: the state department has been in contact with several iraqi leaders today and a senior state department official told cbs news that the fallout from friday's' deadly mosque attack has been the first major test for iraq's new prime minister, and so far, the u.s. has been impressed with his leadership during this very difficult time. jim. >> axelrod: juliana goldman in our washington newsroom tonight. juliana, thank you. we have some dramatic video out of gaza to show you tonight.
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for the first time, israeli air strikes took out an entire high rise. israel says hamas ran an operations room in the apartment building. at least 22 people were wounded, including 11 children. ukraine called it an invasion, but the russian truck convoy that created a standoff is now out of ukraine tonight. more than 200 truck vase gone into rebel-held eastern ukraine. the russians said they were on i relief mission. they are now all out and it is still not clear what exactly was on board. first came the wildfires, and now flash floods are creating new destruction in washington state. mudslides took out nearly a dozen homes. rocks and other debris poured down from the hillsides left barren after flames tore through more than 400 square miles earlier this summer. heat is the story over much of the south. let's bring in meteorologist craig setzer of our miami station wfor. craig, how long is the south going to have to deal diehl with
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this brutal heat and humidity? >> good evening. unfortunately it's going to be at least one or two more days. highs tomorrow will be well into the 90s, and some spots reaching 100 degrees. it's all thanks to a lot of humidity, warm temperatures, heat advisory in effect from missouri to north florida where it feels like temperatures in some spots above 100 degrees. >> axelrod: now there is also a tropical depression forming near the bahamas and the heat could actually affect that. what do we know about the storm right now? >> that's right, it has newly formed this afternoon. the heat bubble is influencing the steering currents around it. here is the depression right now in the southeast bahamas. it is forecast to become a tropical storm, work the way through the bahamas, eventually could be a category one hurricane and threaten the southeast u.s. >> axelrod: craig setzer in miami, thank you. the police response to protesters in ferguson, missouri, has the white house ordering a review tonight of how local police are using surplus military equipment provided by
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the federal government. attorney general eric holder says the equipment was supposed to be used for coirnt-terrorism. there were no arrests in ferguson overnight, but vladimir duthiers reports, both sides continued to demand justice. >> reporter: this is the changing face of protests in ferguson. organized demonstrations and a more diverse crowd. in in impressive 100 degree heat, more than 200 demonstrators gathered for a really saturday afternoon. >> ain't no power like the people power. >> reporter: they were led by children in a silent march, the site of so much violence just days ago. >> for years during the civil rights movement it was a question of can i get in this college to go to harvard? now we've got young black men in america, can you stay alive to get to harvard? >> reporter: at the head, captain ron johnson of the missouri state highway patrol, and the police chief of st. louis county.
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>> they said you're an extremist. i said amen. >> reporter: highlighting the concerns about law enforcement's insesitivity to the community is this video showing st. louis county police officer dan page in a speech in april posting about his ease with shooting people. >> i'm real good with a rifle. my best shot is 1875 meters. i got me a goldstar on that one. that's a fact. you run from me, you will die tired. >> reporter: page, who is assigned to patrol the ferguson protest, was suspended friday's. also saturday afternoon, a show of solidarity for darren wilson, the police officer who shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown. >> i think he's been crucified. he's been accused of being guilty before a trial. that's not the american way. >> reporter: about 200 people gathered in downtown st. louis. there's another peace rally planned for tomorrow, jim. michael brown's family is expected to attend, as are the parents of trayvon martin. brown's funeral is scheduled for
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monday. >> axelrod: the events in ferguson are adding momentum to the response to another police controversy in new york city. a man died last month after a police officer used an apparent chokehold in a struggle captured on video. today, there was a rally on staten island, and mark albert was there. >> reporter: the half mile long march started where the outrage began. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> more than 2,000 people followed the family of eric garner to the office of the local prosecutor. they want charged filed against nypd officer who put his arm around garner's throat while officers tried to subdue him. >> reporter: garner was suspected of selling cigarettes illegally. the medical examiner ruled the death a homicide with compression of the neck listed as a cause of death. you want to be heard. >> we want to be heard. >> reporter: aniana gerardo was among the marchers. it has been five weeks since eric garner died. >> yeah. >> reporter: the district
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attorney sent case to a grand jury this week. is the case moving fast enough? >> no. >> reporter: for you? >> no, it's not moving fast enough. >> reporter: what is justice to you? >> justice to me is to pit everyone that did something wrong to be accountable. >> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: with slogans, signs, and shirts, demonstrators also invoked the death of michael brown in missouri as an emotional rallying cry to call for police reform. across the street from the police precinct, staten island resident rosemary antonucci expressed her anger. why are you here today? >> i'm here for justice for eric and for this police officer they arrested. he murdered that man. >> reporter: officer pant layo is on administrative leave. police commissioner bratton called the cell phone video disturbing. the grand jury is expected to start hearing evidence in the case next mong. jim. >> axelrod: mark, thank you. next week the head of the c.d.c.
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will travel to the heart of the ebola outbreak in west africa to see for himself how it's being hand, but as debora patta reports, the fight there is going from a health matter into a criminal matter. >> reporter: the world health organization has admitted it has no idea when this ebola outbreak will end. the disease continues to spread at an aggressive rate in west africa, having claimed over 1,400 lives and infected over 2,600 people. but these numbers could be a lot higher as many families are hiding relatives infected with ebola because they don't want to be placed in isolation wards. sierra leone has now made it a crime to hide ebola patients, punishable by a two-year jail term. doctors without borders coordinator henry gray says they are billion a bigger treatment center in monrovia to deal with the relentless demand for medical assistance. >> we are expanding our site at the moment. within the next 10 days, we hope to have a site that's can
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welcome up to 400 patients. >> reporter: professor shabir mahdi. >> reporter: as the crisis deepens, countries battling ebola are becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the world. ivory coast, senegal, cameroon, and chad have all closed their borders to affected countries. central hubs like kenya and south africa are preventing noncitizens from west africa, including health care workers, from entering their countries. when the two american health workers walked out of their atlanta hospital ebola-free, it should have sent a message of hope to the hundreds of west africans battling the deadly virus. instead, all it's done is highlight the massive gap in quality health care between developed and developing nations. debora patta, cbs news, johannesburg, south africa. >> axelrod: coming up, if they can make it there-- whales are
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are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work >> axelrod: the long-running battle between celebrities and the paparazzi could be going ooir born in a new way. show business photographers known for doing anything to get the shot are now eyeing an eye in the sky. here's carter evans. >> reporter: the powp rawtsy have a reputation of doing whatever it takes to get the shot-- on the ground and now in the air. what's the concern about pop pap rawty using drones? >> you have a situation where they're able to go anywhere.
6:48 pm
>> sean burke is the director of the reform initiative and a former body guard. last year after testimony from actresses halle berry and jennifer garner, he helped get a law on the books in california protecting children of celebrities from harassment by photographers. >> i am asking you as a parent to pay attention. >> reporter: now, he says, the stakes are even higher. >> you have someone with a drone, and start photographing someone in hir backyard, that's a privacy concern, and i think it's a privacy concern for all of us. >> reporter: california law already protects areas on the ground where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy, like a backyard. newly proposed legislation would expand that protection to the sky. recently, miley cyrus posted this video of a drone with a camera she says was hovering above her home. >> it kind of is like the wild west out there. >> reporter: eric maloney is head of production at drone dudes, an aerial cinematography company.
6:49 pm
>> you shouldn't be allowed to spy on people, to go on to their property and invade their personal space simply because you have this new technology. >> reporter: you have seen situations where paparazzi are packed shoulder to shoulder on the ground. >> all time. >> reporter: can you see a situation like that in the sky with drones? >> absolutely, walking down rodeo drive on beverly hills and there's a pack of paparazzi, why wouldn't there be 30 drones flying over them. >> reporter: the f.a.a. predicts 30,000 drones will share the skies in the next five years. carter evans, la los angeles. >> axelrod: a new volcano threat that could leave airline passengers stranded again. but if you have arthritis, this can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain, and improve daily physical function so moving is easier. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain.
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stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> axelrod: the underdogs beat the odds against las vegas today at the little league world series. the jackie robinson west team from the south side of chicago defiewted nevada 7-5 to become national champions. tomorrow, the kids from chicago try to become world champs when they face south korea. flight are being kept away from a part of iceland tonight because of a volcano eruption no one can actually see. it's happening under the country's largest glackier 200 miles from the capital of reykjavik. steam is rising, but if smoke and ash escape from up to 1300
6:53 pm
feet of thick ice, it could bring a repeat of the 2010 eruption that paralyzed air travel. in northern mexico, a crack has opened up in the surface of the earth, and scientists don't know why. the crack is more than half a mile long and up to 16 feet wide. it's nearly 30 feet deep. some are blaming a recent earthquake. others believe water from an underground stream eroded the land until it simply collapsed. they held a party today at the national zoo. the panda bear cup bao-bao turned a year old, and celebrated with a cake made of frozen juice and fruit slices. she is just the second cub in the zoo's history to make it out of infancy. still ahead, the big apple gets some big new company. see what's bringing whales swimming to new york city.
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ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible. this is charlie. his long day of doing it himself starts with back pain... and a choice. take 4 advil in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. honey, you did it! baby laughs! >> axelrod: we close tonight in the waters just off new york city. they're home to some terrific tourist attractions it's statue of liberty, ellis island-- and some of the best views of the manhattan skyline, but these days they're all taking a backseat to the excitement generated by a splash and a spout. >> okay, there she blows southeast of us! >> jim: four miles off new
6:57 pm
york city's rockaway beech, a 35-foot humpback whale is taking the collective breath away of a boat load of whale watchers. >> i think it's so cool that they just go up like that and then go right back in. >> it's been the best-kept secret in new york. >> reporter: researcher paul sieswerda counts humpback whales in and around new york city and they're on the rise. >> just like the old whalers-- high on the boat looking out, try to find a whale. here comes the tail. >> axelrod: his group, gotham whale, has identified at least 52 whale sight this summer in the new york area. that's almost double from two years ago. >> we think we're seeing more and more whales every year because of the return of the menhaden. menhaden is their prey fish. >> axelrod: the increased food supply and cleaner water is not only good news for researchers but also for photographers, like artie raslich, who is getting pictures no one else ever has. this photo he took this summer
6:58 pm
went viral. >> i'm taking the photo, i start seeing that it's getting by the empire state building. here comes this whale straight up, stood there for a second, and i justeralitied off a whole bunch of shots and i got the shot. >> out here, it's totally unexpected, so when the whale surfaces and everyone sees it, it's just something remarkable that may go back to our roots as hunters. >> axelrod: the uncommonly high number of whales in new york are certainly giving photographers plenty of material, but maybe more importantly, they're allowing a whole new generation to make acquaintance with these majestic mammals. awesome. the sight seeing trips have become so popular in new york, the company that runs them is extending them for another month. and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. i'm jim axelrod in new york. good night.
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the fall will be here before you know it soe're looking at a whole new season of tv. >> but wait until you see which shows you need to watch. tonight, we have you covere w >> somebody has to take overm. t it might as well be me. >> gossip has everyone excited, but whatd. jada's husband think about it. >> and look at this, coming to new orleans. it's not easy to does accuratel portray the big easy. >> he is also talking about some crossover episodes. >> plus, john ritter's son, tyler, is in a sitcom, he looks so much like his dad. >> and the producer of scandal has another show. >> yes, he tellss


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